KNOWN as “Africa’s Grey Ghost”, and not without reason. The number one trophy for every hunter is a big kudu bull. Always a challenge to hunt and a very rewarding trophy.

The Limpopo valley in South Africa (home of Quagga Safaris) is known for producing the best kudu in Africa. We are proud to say that since 1991 not one of our clients has gone home without a good kudu bull or at least a very good chance on one.Something we treasure and will continue to offer. Over the years we have taken many SCI top kudu bulls with rifle, bow and handgun clients.

  • Bobby has taken this 62” bull during
    his 2017 safari and is the pending new SCI
    # 1 (handgun) kudu.

  • Over the years Quagga Safaris has built up a reputation as “The Kudu King of Africa”. This old bull taken by Robby, measured over 60″ with 12″ bases. Tips probably worn down 3″ or more.

  • The Limpopo Valley is known as the best kudu area in Africa. This old, heavy-horned bull taken by Amie measured just under 55″. Quagga Safaris still produces bulls with an average of over 52″.

  • Arnie has been on more than 10 family safaris with us since 1998. He completed his Big Five twice, rifle and bow. This kudu measured over 60″ and is part of several SCI Top 10 bow kill trophies with Quagga Safaris.

  • Malia lucked out with this fantastic bull With our variety and large kudu areas, we never know when the next monster kudu, like this one, might step into the crosshairs. We pride ourselves on our kudu quality.