Outfitters Package

As the original founder of this unique package Quagga Safaris is still the leader in offering and producing this exclusively to our clients.

The outfitter has put together this to offer one elite package to most wanted and majestic trophy animals.

Hunt on a full 10 Day Safari three of the four (Buffalo, Sable, Roan, Crocodile) to become a Life Member of the Quagga Safaris Hunting Club. Our way of honoring these magnificent species. Face a Cape Buffalo is one of the most exciting animals to hunt, the majestic Sable or Roan antelope or Crocodile that is between 60 – 80 years old.

This package may be upgraded in quality as per our pricelist.

10x Full Days
Cape Buffalo
Crocodile OR Roan Antelope


Macnab Challenge

This fun filled challenge/package originated from a book written in 1925 about John Macnab that made a challenge to three landowners in Scotland. The challenge was that Macnab were to pouch on these properties without being caught. The deal was if he gets caught he would donate money to charity and if not caught the landowner were to donate to charity.
It turned out that Macnab were respected as a gentleman and this revolved into a modern day version of hunting within 12 hours (day light) an antelope, catch a fish and shoot a grass bird.

Quagga Safaris has put together this package where we will donate 10% of all these packages to a anti-poaching organization.
You will also receive a custom T-Shirt and Certificate after completing this fun challenge.

“Our Macnab Package”

Impala (Non-Trophy)
Any one fins in Limpopo River
Franklin or Guinee Fowl

$ 500