Bow Hunting

Bow Hunting


Quagga Safaris has been offering bow hunting since 1991 and for many years we specialized in bow hunting only

Over the past few years we upgraded our bow hunting areas and have been hunting outstanding bow hunting quality

Most of our bow hunting is done from very comfortable permanent ground blinds over waterholes and your average bow shot will be +/- 25 yards.

We have a full bow target range and a bow shop close by incase we need that on safari.

All our professional hunters and trackers has a vast experience of bow hunting and we cater to all bow and crossbow hunters.

During the past season our bow hunters took many world class trophies such as SCI Top 10 Kudu, Wildebeest, Warthog, Roan and the new pending #1 Sable and a number of SCI Top 10 Buffalo

Bow hunting is fun, especially in Limpopo Province and where we have areas set aside for specializing in bow hunting.