Our Hunting

Hunting should be an experience and not without putting in hours, miles, sweat and patience.  This is what our hunting on Manketti Game Reserve is all about. The feedback from our clients is that the hunting experience we offer is real hunting, real Africa and all about the challenge that ends up in rewards and satisfaction.

The Manketti hunting experience is not traditional “ranch hunting” as known in South Africa.  It’s the unknown, wilderness side of hunting on this 56 000 acre area that simply puts the hunting in a class of its own. The area ranges from thick brush country to open savannah areas, therefore hosting a wide variety of species.  This keeps the hunting and approaching of different species exciting and interesting.

 Our hunting season is open all year round but suggested months are March – October due to weather that is comfortable with little or no rain. Apart from the quality hunting we consider the field preparation and handling of your trophies as priority. Our highly qualified team of skinners, capers, will take extreme care of this up to handing it over to Trophy Solutions Africa that has been handling our dip/pack/taxidermy work for over 15 years. Shipping of your trophies will be done in record time to the client or taxidermy of own choice.

The hunting team are true professionals and the excitement of the hunt will reflect from them. We invite all hunters, whether novice, experienced, rifle or bow hunter.  Our team has a vast hunting experience of plains game and dangerous game hunting. All our hunting is done ethically and will be a fair chase.  Our hunting is done mainly by walking and stalking or driving and spotting tracks of wildlife to cover more are in every hunting day.

We will respect and handle every client according to his own ability.

We are offering a wide variety of species that naturally occur on our hunting areas and we believe it’s 90% about the hunt and experience.

Hunting the best available is not optional, it’s what we offer and do and is reflected on our reputation of the quality game we offer and hunt every season.

 “After my 24 safaris in Africa, Manketti and Quagga is my single most favorite place where I experienced real hunting   – Jeff Cook”


” Africa will leave you speechless, then turns you into a story teller ”