Management / Cull Pricelist

Warthog (F) $400Second Zebra (M/F)$700
Impala (F)$200Third Zebra (M/F)$600
Blesbuck (F)$300Eland (F) $1 000
Blue Wildebeest (F)$450Buffalo (F)$4 950
Kudu (F)$600Giraffe (F)$2 500
Waterbuck (F)$500Sable (F)$1 500



 TERMS & CONDITIONS (For Management Pricelist only

Due to the limited quota on above management animals we have to offer it as follows:

  •  Only available after spending minimum of $3 000 on Trophy hunts and
    minimum of 7x hunting days booked.
  •  Minimum of 3x species and 6x management animals must be hunted to
    qualify for this program.