References & Testimonial

Testimony by Rob Keck (Capstick Award  Winner)

The power and the magic of Africa and Manketti has captured not only my heart as a hunter, but also the heart of my wife, Susan and sister, Carol, both non-hunters! The Quagga experience has made a life changing impact on us all and I only wish that I had not waited so long to make my first trip to Africa! As a result, you have broadened our horizons and introduced us to a world and culture that is so unique and so engaging. The words hospitality and hunting now have a new and special meaning! Having hunted in every state in the US, all-across North America and in many parts of the world from above the Arctic Circle to Argentina, and spanning over 50 years, I’ve had some wonderful and memorable hunts and trips. Without hesitation my safari and total experience with you was the very best ever, hands down. It was collectively our Trip of a Lifetime! I cannot imagine nor am I aware of any outfitter doing it any better!

In fact, my sister who just retired after 38 years as an international flight attendant for a major airline said that having traveled the world for almost four decades, this was her very best trip ever!

Your attention to detail on every aspect from beginning to end of our South African adventure was precise and it seemed that around every corner there was a pleasant surprise. Erik, you, Marlette and your Quagga team wrote the book on hospitality and detail. You left no stone unturned in providing kindness, caring and professionalism before, during, and after the hunt. The wild game meals were superb, presented with a touch of class and it was a consensus that chef Lucky’s eland steaks at dinner and the kudu sausage at lunch were the best. My professional hunter took care of every detail from Johannesburg to Kruger National Park to the Manketti Reserve. The Kruger visit was spectacular, seeing the Big 5 and the Dangerous 7 and it was enhanced by his vast knowledge of the park, wildlife, and its history. I am so glad we went there on the front end of our safari as you advised. It gave us time to get over jet lag, and better prepared us for what we would see on our hunt.

I came to hunt buffalo. What I left with was more than an old Dagga Boy. There is a much deeper appreciation for the words ‘professional hunter’ and respect for the game. The tracking ability my ph and trackers, the quick identification and judging of a trophy was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The effort put forth from sunrise to sunset was all out. The miles of tracks we followed until we found the buffalo we wanted and the hunts in between that found our outstanding gemsbok, kudu, zebra, warthog and ostrich, certainly completed this Trip of a Lifetime!

There were many elements that added to this experience, such as being part of the Zulu wedding there at the lodge that tied the knot for our Alaskan friends. The trip to the orphanage, where we donated meat from our kudu and gemsbok as well as bringing the duffel bag full of toys, medical supplies and clothing to the children. The special touch that greeted us in our room in celebration of our 42nd wedding anniversary…right along with Susan and Carol’s unbelievable trip to the world’s number one spa for 2021 were over the top! Lastly, Erik, your support of conservation through the rhino restoration project and the creation of the sign capturing my words on the importance of guns and hunting speaks to your commitment to the future of hunting and conservation. It can’t come too soon in sharing our next campfire with the Quagga family! Blessings my friend!

References & Testimonial

Testimony by Dr. J Mitch Stevison

Quagga Safaris and Manketti Game Reserve are two brands that are recognized for superior safari experiences. For over 30 years Quagga has provided the next level safaris experience and built a reputation as one of Africa’s best outfitters, with greater than 80% return
clients of which, like me and my family, become part of Quagga’s extended family. Manketti, an over 56,000-
acre conservation area established in partnership with South African industry to advance natural environments
by means of exacting scientific methods, produces selfsustaining herds of Africa’s most recognizable animals within landscapes which range from thick bushvelds to open sands resembling the Serengeti.

Now, Quagga and Manketti together have formed an opportunity for EXCLUSIVE experiences that rise far above the exhilarating experiences I have come to expect in Africa. “Exclusive” is certainly a bold term, but the only term I believe which even remotely describes the vision, now reality, that Erik Visser and the Quagga team have created for those who seek traditional, challenging, and diverse hunting experiences combined with visible conservation approaches. Couple this with five-star accommodations and traditional African cuisine created by Africa’s best chef and you begin to understand
why I believe this is the most exclusive African experience available.

During my two 2022 season trips, one in early June and one in early October, I was able to experience two different Mankettis and two totally unique safari experiences. To see the vast changes from the lush thickness in June following plentiful summer rains to a dry and sandy landscape in October was awe-inspiring. Animal patterns changed drastically, providing new challenges and new opportunities with each trip. This is not ranch hunting! The challenge is far greater, yet the Quagga team ensured my hunting expectations were exceeded. One commonality was the vibrant animal ecosystem which produced persistent anticipation. Each turn of the head and movement in the bush exponentially increases your expectations of Manketti’s immediate and future potential. From rhinos to hyenas, cheetahs to jackals, buffalo to impalas and everything in between, this place never disappoints. All I can say is that I truly love Quagga and Manketti!

Finally, and critically important to me, was knowing that the animals harvested on Manketti were born on Manketti. One of the three largest contiguous hunting areas in South Africa, Manketti provides the natural land mass and environmental balance needed to sustain healthy populations of almost every imaginable African animal. There is NO artificiality here, yet the proactive conservation practices visible on Manketti produces great genetic quality and opportunities for large trophy sizes as well as game management hunting. Quagga’s leadership in this regard is evidenced by their harvest results and the public – private partnership success that is Quagga and Manketti